bingo cancelled until October 6, 2021
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Bingo Cancelled Until October 6, 2021

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Wednesday Night Bingo Cancelled until October 6, 2021 Sorry latest update about our reopening. We have been keeping an eye on the Mayo Clinic Covid trend forecast for the “average daily cases per 100,000” in Missouri metric. Right now it is sitting at 39, their trend model projects it will go up to 45 and then dip to 44 within the next 11 days. However, there is a chance it could go as high as 62 and as low as 30 in that same timeframe. Bearing in mind those numbers, we feel that our current location does not allow enough social distancing for us to run a bingo session. That is the bad news.

The good news is that we have been assured several times by the contractor that our new Bingo Hall at Northland Bingo will be ready for us to get in by October 1st. The new Bingo Hall will be able to safely accommodate more people. Our decision is to wait until we move into our new hall before resuming bingo.

We do not feel we can move all of our equipment and set everything up within one day so we are also cancelling the October 1st date. Wednesday bingo expects to open at Northland Bingo, 6565 N. Oak, on October 6th. Friday night bingo the following friday October 8th.

Please say a prayer that the Mayo clinic forecast goes down and not up. That would be the best news of all for everyone.

Please let your friends who do not get our Mailchimp emails know that we will be closed for the next 3 Fridays.

We want to thank Bill Lee and the Knight’s of Columbus council 7064 for helping us through this time.

Thanks to all of you.And hope to see you at the new place. Questions, please contact Tom through this website.