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Coming September November 2021 play the Tab-e Bingo Gaming Tablet. It is one of the most popular electronic tablets in the bingo market today.

The Tab-e Bingo Gaming device will replace our Electronic Bingo units when we move to our new location Fall 2021.


How to begin play

  • Log on to the Tab-E by entering the Account number printed on your receipt (Enter PIN if required) Remember to hang on to your receipt. This information will be done for you after renting the unit.
  • If you need assistance at any time during play. Press the “Help” or “?” buttons.
  • If you need to temporarily stop play, press the “Terminal Lockout” button on the main menu. To resume play, simply re-enter your Account number. There is no pause button. To get caught up simply touch the bingo ball(s) in the lower right corner of the Tab-e unit.
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To Play live Bingo on the tablet

  • Press the “Live Bingo” button on the Main Screen. Touching the bingo ball in the lower right corner
  • To dab your cards, touch the Bingo Ball shown in the lower right corner after each call is made
  • To change the number of cards viewed, touch the “Compass” then “Magnifying” button, and from “Card Views,” make your selection.
  • To view more of your cards, touch the “Page” button or the left and right arrows.
  • For further Game information, touch the “Prize” button or Information button.
  • To return to the Main Menu, touch the “ Home” or “House” button
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Color Screen

The screen is in color which makes it easier to read. You can choose from multiple layouts. Find the one you like and stay with it all night. Or you might like to switch things up a bit. It’s up to you.

Progressive Games Option

When you select your TAB-e at the admission booth you can also choose to add Progressive Games right then and there. With the TAB-e the minimum is 18 faces. You can choose 1 (18 faces), 2 (36 faces) or 3 (54 faces) for each of the two progressive games. Imagine how easy it will be to play on an $1,199 Jackpot night!

Personalized Tab-e

When you pay you will be given a receipt that has your unique TAB-e number for the night. The TAB-e will ask for the number and then like magic everything that you purchased at the kiosk will be loaded onto your device.

Not only will the 15 regular bingo games be loaded but any progressive games you bought will show up too.

If you have questions about the Tab-e gaming tablet, contact Tom through our website.