bingo player code of conduct

Reminder about our Bingo Player Code of Conduct

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Bingo Player Code of conduct

Bingo Wednesday Night KC wants to ensure that all Bingo Players that attend are able to play in a positive and pleasant environment.

We want to remind Bingo Players when you purchase your Bingo Game packets, you agree to abide by following our Bingo Player Code of Conduct:

  1. You will not use any words, actions, or gestures that would in any way insult, or offend another bingo player or worker.
  2. Since reserve seating is a privilege and not a players right. Bingo Management has the right to change any seat assignment.
  3. If during the session you can not follow these rules, you may be asked to leave the premises, without a refund
  4. If you do not leave when asked, you will be considered trespassing and the authorities will be contacted.
  5. In general, please treat others respectfully.

Tom and the Home and School Association Thank you for your cooperation and support.

If you have additional suggestions or comments about playing Bingo Wednesday Night in Kansas City’s Northland, please leave us a message at (816) 200-2835 or use the Contact Us button.