electronic bingo machines available for rent at Bingo Wednesday Night KC

Electronic Bingo Machines

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Electronic Bingo Machines are available at Bingo Wednesday Night KC

Please note when we move to our new location this Fall 2021. We will begin using the Tab-e Bingo Tablets. Please visit the Tab-e Bingo device page for more information.

Electronics Bingo Machines are the easiest way a player can play multiple bingo cards at once. With the touch of a button, up to 56 bingo cards can be played at once.

Bingo Wednesday Night KC has Electronic Bingo Machines available to rent. Please visit our Bingo Prices Page for Electronic Bingo Machines rental.

PDF instructions on using a Lil’ Champ Bingo Handset (Electronic Bingo Machine) at Bingo Wednesday Night KC can be downloaded by clicking on the lil’Champ Instruction picture.

For more information about renting an Electronic Bingo Machine each Wednesday Night at Finnigan’s Hall, please call us at  (816) 841-2575 or use our  Contact Us button.

Electronic Bingo Machines Instructions for lil champ