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Helpful Bingo Tips for Opening Night

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With 1 day to go before the opening of our new bingo location at Finnigan’s Hall. Here are 10 helpful Bingo tips for our arriving Bingo Players. Please look over our Tips to prepare yourself for a Fun and Exciting Wednesday Night of Playing Bingo at Finnigan’s Hall.

Ten Helpful Tips for Playing Bingo on Opening Night at Finnigan’s Hall

  1. Arrive before the 6:45 PM Bingo Start Time. Allow yourself time to acclimate to the amenities of our new locations location
  2. If you reserved a Table with Tom, allow time to locate your table
  3. Didn’t reserve a Table…not a problem, arriving before the start of Bingo will allow yourself time to help locate a non reserved table that meet your needs
  4. After you locating your table, make sure you are sitting at a spot that allows you see one of the 6 screens clearly.
  5. Look for our Event Tabs, Pull Tabs, and Progressive Paper Booths. Tom has 2 signs above each Booths
  6. Women and Men’s Restrooms are located in the foyer area of Finnigan’s Hall
  7. Hungry? Want Food now? Consider Ordering from the AMF ProBowl snackbar before the start of Bingo Play
  8. Thirsty? You have several Options…wait staff visiting your table, visiting the AMF proBowl snackbar, or visiting the bar located toward the back of Finnigan’s Hall
  9. During intermission where can I smoke? Tom will announce locations before beginning of breaks
  10. Before the Start of Bingo Play. Additional Tips about playing Bingo at Finnigan’s hall can be seen on a Large LED TV toward the South Wall.

Kansas City MO’s Newest Northland Bingo Location will Open April 9th, 2014. Doors open at 4:30 PM and Wednesday Night Bingo starts at 6:45 PM.

For more information, please call us (816) 841-2575 or use the Contact Us button.