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Play in Wed Night Bingo’s lower level!

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Play bingo in Wednesday Night Bingo’s lower level!  Earlier pictures of our temporary location showed only the main level.  See the following pictures of the knights of Columbus hall’s #7064 lower and main levels.

Other details about our temporary location

  • Main Entrance Level (no stairs, wheelchair accessible)
  • Lower Level (does have stairs)
  • Main Level – 17 8ft Tables comfortably sits 4 per table.
  • Lower Level – 10 8ft round tables – larger groups love round tables.
  • All tables have 2 additional chairs to accommodate larger parties
  • Our Temporary Bingo Hall address is 1500 NE Englewood Road, Kansas City, MO 64118. It is 1.1 miles East of Creekwood Commons and 1.0 miles west of Antioch Annex shops

When you do the math, you will see that the temporary bingo hall can seat a lot of people. Most nights at Finnigan’s Hall we had 120 people or so. We can handle that many bingo attendees at Englewood’s main and lower levels. 

If you have any questions about our temporary location, please contact Tom through our website