Frequently asked bingo questions

Frequently Asked Bingo Questions about Bingo Wednesday Night KC

Please check out frequently asked Bingo questions about playing Bingo at our Kansas City Northland location each Wednesday Night.*

For more information, please call us at (816) 200-2835 or use our Contact Us button.

What COVID-19 safety measures do you have in place for bingo players?

Please visit our Bingo Re-opening July 22, 2020 post on the steps we are taking in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. When we open at our new Bingo Location in November 2021 face masks are optional. Also, some eight foot tables will have 4 chairs and 5 chairs on each side. These steps may change without notice due to changing State, County, and City COVID-19 safety guidelines.

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What time do you open?

Doors to Wednesday Night Bingo KC open at 4:30pm. Bingo Games start at 6:45pm.

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Can I still play bingo if I arrive late?

Tom says, “Players can arrive as late as the end of the first break usually around 7:40 or so. They still pay full price for papers or machines. They can bring their unused papers back, the same day on a future night, and use them on the games they missed to add to the new papers they bought that night.”

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How much does it cost to play Bingo Wednesday Night KC?

$20 Admission for one player. The admission fee pays for a book of 15 games. If you want play our progressive bingo games it costs $2 each for the two progressive games. Visit our Bingo Game prices page for more information.

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How many Bingo Games do you play each Wednesday evening?

15 Regular Bingo Games and 2 Progressive Bingo Games. Progressive Bingo Games are not part of the regular bingo game sheets.

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Why should I come out to Wednesday Night Bingo?

It cost less than $25 for about 3 hours of relaxation. We have lots of parking spaces in front. Wheelchair access and seating is available. The TAB-e gaming unit is available for players. You can bring in your own food and non-alcoholic beverage to enjoy.

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Is it first come first serve on seating?

We do offer reserve seating until 6pm, then it is open seating. Our bingo located in Gladstone’s Little Saigon Plaza has fire rating capacity of 300 people. We’ll have 215 chairs distributed through out our bingo hall.

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Do you offer Wheelchair accessible seating?

We will have two designated wheel chair accessible seats. We are a fully ADA compliant facility with curb cutouts, plenty of disabled parking and both restrooms are ADA compliant. The is plenty of room to park at the Little Saigon Plaza.

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Do you accept Credit and Debit Cards?

We accept Discover, MasterCard, and Visa Credit Cards. We also accept Debit Cards.

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Do you accept personal checks?

We accept personal Checks up to $150.00

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Can I bring my own food and beverage while I play?

At our new Bingo Hall, located in little Saigon Plaza, you can bring your own food and non-alcoholic beverage. PLEASE NOTE: We are not licensed to allow consumption of alcohol during our operating hours. We will confiscate any alcohol that is brought into the bingo hall and it will not be be returned.

There are several other well know restaurants very close to us. You can drop by those places before you come to bingo or use Grub-Hub, Door Dash, or Uber-Eats to have your ordered delivered to the bingo hall.

Check out our MENU WALL for menus from the local merchants with free delivery and to the side of that we list other restaurants that are very close. These will deliver for a fee. All of our tables are numbered to help the delivery person know where you are.

Finally, our new bingo hall will have a snack bar available to sell snacks, chips, pop, and water.

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What is the age limit for playing Bingo?

16 years old.

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What are some of the Bingo Rules?

Please go to our Bingo Rules page for more information. Also, each Wednesday Evening a List of Games Rules are provided to each Bingo Player.

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What are your Bingo Player’s Code of Conduct?

Please go to our Bingo Player’s Code of Conduct page for more information. Also, each Wednesday Evening the Bingo Player’s Code of Conduct are display on a LCD next to the Game packet table.

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How Much can I Win?

Each Wednesday evening Bingo Players compete for $4000. Please note this amount may change due to the number attendees. This does not include Bingo Pull Tabs , Bingo Event Pull Tabs payouts, and Queen of Heart Raffle.

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Can I bring my children while I play?

While bingo laws permit children to accompany their parents, our house rule is that no one under 16 is allowed.

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Can I smoke while I play?

No. During Bingo We have 2 Intermissions that allow smoking breaks of about 10 minutes, during the evening. Smoking will only be allowed outside. We will have trashcans with ash tray tops.

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Are there other games that are offered during Bingo?

Before and during Bingo Games, Floor workers will be selling Bingo Pull Tabs and Bingo Event Pull Tabs. Another Game we’ll start selling at our new location is the Queen of Hearts Raffle. Our snackbar will be selling Queen of Hearts raffle tickets. This is a combined game between Friday and Wednesday night bingo.

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What is our Weather Cancellation policy?

Wednesday Night Bingo follows the Northland Bingo Hall inclement weather policy. See policy below

“By 10:00 AM on the day of Bingo we will have a special outgoing message on our phone line if we are cancelling bingo. The number to call is 816-200-2835. If you call the number and do not hear a message that says we are canceling Wednesday Night Bingo then you know we will be playing that evening.”

Other ways we announce that we are canceling bingo due to Weather

  • We post cancellations on our website news page
  • If you subscribe to our Email newsletter, we send out Emails as soon as we know when a cancellation is possible. The sign up is on the bottom of the website.
  • We post weather cancellation on Facebook and our Google business profile page.

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Is there another night to play bingo at your location?

Yes, Friday Night Bingo with the Bingo Knights #3414. Both Bingo Wednesday Night KC and the Bingo Knights #3414 both use the Northland Bingo Hall located in little Saigon Plaza – Gladstone, MO.

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*Bingo Frequently Asked Questions Updated 9/25/23