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Wednesday Night Bingo Re-opening July 22, 2020

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Tom says Wednesday Night Bingo will re-open July 22, 2020. Yeh we’re re-opening! Before heading out next month, please read the following things we’re doing to make playing Bingo at Finnigan’s Hall safe for our valued players and floor workers. If you have questions after reading our re-opening policies and procedures, please contact Tom through our website. *

*Due to the pandemic, Bingo Wednesday Night KC may need to due adjust dates, times, attendance, and other bingo related player experience, without notice, due to changing State, County, and City Covid-19 guidelines.

Wednesday night bingo reopening july 25, 2020

Policies and Procedures for Re-opening next month.

As of May 21, the CDC has announced that coronavirus isn’t easily spread by touching surfaces. The transfer of money, paper, and other objects between people does not present a greater risk.  Consequently, we have decided to concentrate our efforts on reducing air borne transmission between people.


Please review the safety measures we are undertaking along with changes to our bingo prizes & games based on attendance levels.


  • Any patrons who wish to sit together at the same table may do so. The round tables are to be used for these groups.
  • For Individuals that wish to maintain 6 foot of distance we ask that you sit at one of the rectangular tables. We have installed plexi-glass dividers on these tables for your safety. We allow up to four people to sit at an 8ft table. Please sit near the end of the table. Chairs will be placed accordingly.
  • We needed to remove some tables to achieve proper distancing therefore we cannot honor reserved table requests at this time.

Admissions Kiosk

  • We ask that all enter through the bar area and maintain social distancing while standing in line. This allows for the admission packs and machines sales line to form into the hallway and not around those already seated.
  • We will not put markings on the floor at six-foot intervals but rather ask that you judge the six-foot distance. We are concerned that tape or other adhesive would not stick well to the carpet and become a fall hazard.

PPE ( Personal Protection Equipment)

  • The kiosks have plexi-glass installed for safety and have hand sanitizer.
  • All workers will be wearing masks while moving around the hall and when directly interfacing with the patrons unless they are behind plexi-glass barriers.
  • All players must wear a mask when they arrive. When seated at a table a player may remove their mask if they desire. However, when any player gets up to buy tabs or move around the hall the mask must be in place. Bring your own mask or we will provide one.


  • Finnigan’s will be sanitizing the tables after every event.
  • The bingo workers will be sanitizing the plexi-glass shields after, and sometimes during, each event.
    Prizes & Games.

Prizes and Games

  • Because crowd size is uncertain, we may have to reduce prize money. If crowd size is close to 100 there will be no changes.

We may be changing our Progressive Games rules as follows:

  • Bow-Tie: We will give $1199 on August 5th.
  • Odd-Even: We will give $1199 on September 2nd.
  • After the $1199 is paid, we will start the pots at a $500 pot and add $25 per week. We will still give away one of the progressives on the first Wednesday but it will be around $700
  • Consolation prize will be half of the money collected for that game that night.

Other things we’ll doing doing Wednesday Night

  • UPDATED July 21, 2020 at 4:00pm. Tom says the bowling alley will have pitchers of ice water with small stacks of cups on the bar. If you want ice water, take a pitcher and stack of cups to your table. DO NOT POUR ANY WATER AT THE BAR. Use the pitcher and cups all night for your table. If you need more, take your pitcher to the bowling alley and they will refill it.
  • We will still give out tickets. Tickets can still be redeemed as usual.
  • There will still be a monthly drawing, but not until August 26th.
  • Unfortunately, nightly door prizes will be eliminated.
  • If your birthday occurred while we were closed we will honor it.
  • Unfortunately, due to health concerns, our candy jar will be removed.
  • If you use a credit card, you will insert it into the machine.