latest news about our move August 19, 2021

Latest Moving News Aug 19, 2021

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Tom says the good news is that construction work has begun on our new bingo location at 6565 N Oak Trafficway in Gladstone. Unfortunately the building permit approval took longer than we planned. This means we may not open on Wednesday Night,September 1st. It is still a possibility but there is a lot of work to be finished.

Construction tasks that need to be done

To give you an idea what still needs to be done here is a list of the major tasks:

  • Build completely new men’s and ladies’ restrooms this includes new floor drains and water lines
  • Major electrical installation including all new ceiling lights, and many new wall outlets
  • Build interior walls for storage, office and restrooms. This includes drywall and mudding
  • Paint all the walls
  • Install new ceiling tiles and insulation
  • Install new HVAC unit on the roof
  • Resurface the flooring

Once all of this is done then we can come in and install the snack bar, caller platform, Admissions kiosks, Pull Tab kiosks and Progressive Kiosks. We will hang our projectors & monitors, program the caller station, then put up the tables and chairs. We definitely have our work cut out for us. But when we are done it will be a great space dedicated to BINGO and only BINGO.

Dining options when Bingo open at our new location

NORTHLAND BINGO (This includes Wednesday and Friday Night Bingo) WILL ALLOW OUTSIDE FOOD AND DRINK. The folks at Northland Bingo feel that bingo patrons should be given a choice when it comes to food and drink. Therefore they have decided not to serve hot food at their snack bar. The snack bar will have cold pop, chips, nuts and other pre-packaged items


Northland Bingo is currently working with several local restaurants to set up an express delivery service to our bingo hall. The hall will have a “MENU WALL” that contains the take-out menus of our restaurant partners. To be on the Menu Wall a restaurant will agree to deliver directly to your table at bingo. Every table in the bingo hall will have a number. When you are ready to order you call the number on the menu and tell them you are at bingo and your table number. Then you give them your order and pay for it as you normally would. Your order comes to you hot and fast. Best of all – You are not forced to eat only from one menu. You have a choice!

Until we open our new Bingo hall, Please don’t forget to play Wednesday Night bingo with us at:
1500 NE Englewood Rd
Kansas City MO 64118

Questions? Please contact Tom through our website.