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Northland Bingo Hall Nov 2021 Pictures

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Before arriving to play Wednesday Night Bingo KC November 10, 2021, see our Northland Bingo Hall Nov 2021 pictures. See our new bingo hall images below.

Exterior Images include

  • Front of the bingo hall
  • See the spacious parking lot available to our players

Interior pictures include

  • Admission kiosk (where players can purchase game sheets & gaming unit
  • Progressive kiosk – purchase progressive game sheets
  • Dinning Wall and Tables for wheelchair players
  • Snack bar and daubers available for sale
  • Event Pull and Queen of Heart Raffle table
  • Bingo Caller’s Table
  • Location of Restrooms
  • Seating view of Video Screens

Questions, please call us at (816) 200-2835 or contact Tom through our website.