progressive bingo jackpot - weds, sept 2, 2020

Progressive Bingo Jackpot must go this Wednesday Night

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That’s right! Tom says our $1199 Progressive Bingo Jackpot must go this Wednesday Night. Just in case you need to know what is a progressive jackpot bingo. It’s when prize amount is carried over to a subsequent game if no bingo is achieved within a specified number of balls drawn and called.

What are you waiting for? Call your Spouse, Friends, Co-workers, and Neighbors and Join us for all the fun this Weds, September 2, 2020. Please remember if you are attending Wednesday Night Bingo at Finnigan’s Hall please don’t forget to bring your face masks.

If you have questions about our upcoming $1199 Bingo Progressive Jackpot this Wednesday Night, send an Email to Tom.