Queen of Hearts Raffle over $7200
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Queen of Hearts Raffle over $7200

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Did you know the Queen of Hearts of Raffle is over $7200? Bingo Wednesday Night KC has more End of September 2023 Specials! What are you waiting for? Head out to the Northland Bingo Hall for Wednesday Night Bingo!

Queen of Hearts Raffle

Tom says the Queen of Heart Raffle is over $7200. He goes on to say there are 12 cards left to choose from. Please visit the Northland Bingo website for information and rules about playing the Queen of Hearts Raffle

End of September 2023 Bingo Specials

Here are Bingo Wednesday Night KC’s end-of-the-month specials:

  • Customer Appreciation Night means everyone gets a free mini pack of Bingo Special Papers
  • Monthly door prize night. We will draw tickets for a $200, $160, and $120 gift certificate.
  • Ticket trade-in night. Bingo Players get a $5.00 coupon when they trade in 4 tickets. 

Questions about our Bingo Specials?

Questions about our August & September 2023 Bingo Updates? Please email Tom through the website.